Ratio of crimes against transgender persons highest in KP

According to a report, out of 120 transgender persons killed during the last three years in Pakistan, 65 belonged to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The cruel balance between food wastage and food insecurity

A fresh report of the UN regarding food wastage has perplexed the world by telling that over 900m tons of food is wasted worldwide annually.

‘People like art, but not the artist’

Ishrat Sahar says the era of recording songs and albums in cassettes has gone and now artist are uploading songs on YouTube.

Bajaur village elders tell reasons behind polio vaccination boycott

Many people in Mandal area in Bajaur had announced boycott of polio vaccination campaign, but later on they agreed to reverse their decision.

People mostly unaware about health card benefits, doctors also suffer

Dr Ali Haider said the facility of health card has rendered great help to the poor people, but the system also has some flaws as well.

The ancient times cave life still persists in Jamrud

Even in this modern era, there are few people in Khyber tribal district who live in caves like the people of ancient times due to poverty.

Gulalai’s ‘Blood Heroes’ saving lives of corona, thalassemia patients

Blood Heroes is a KP-based NGO working to save the lives of hundreds of patients who are in serious need of blood donations.

Opinion of transgender persons not given much importance in Pakhtun society

A transgender person from Peshawar had to dance in the music parties during night-time to earn money to continue her education.

Feeling headache or fever after corona vaccination is normal

Coronavirus cases have witnessed increase during its third wave in Pakistan after which the vaccination process has also been stepped up.

‘Thanks for Award, but when the murderers would be arrested?’

Martyred journalist Hayatullah Khan Dawar was born in Harmuz village in Mir Ali tehsil of North Waziristan on December 13, 1976.

Which demands of Jani Khel were acknowledged by the government?

Those arrested in government custody will be investigated within 3 months and innocent people will be released based on priority

The reasons for a surge in police violence and its solution?

Rifaqatullah Razarwal Two people have been killed in two incidents involving police this month. According to Law and police expert’s deformities in such cases as...