Girl accuses school headmistress of sexual harassment in Peshawar

A girl in Peshawar has alleged that she is facing sexual harassment from a homosexual woman for the last few months.

Two sisters photographer opened production studio in Peshawar

Two sisters from Peshawar are gaining fame in the field of short films and one of them has also opened a production house.

COVID-19 pandemic is only a tip of the poverty iceberg

The COVID-19 pandemic is only the tip of the poverty iceberg. Poverty and hunger crisis are deep-rooted in the country.

Truck art now shifting to homes in Peshawar

The unique style of truck art is still alive in Peshawar and an artist has now extended his painting skills to decorate homes.

Tourists stay on after conclusion of Uchal festival in Kalash valley

Uchal festival has concluded with fanfare in Kalash valley of Chitral, but tourists are reluctant to leave the beautiful valley.

Famous Pashto humorous poet depending on others for medical treatment

Famous Pashto humorous poet Akmal Lewanay is having a difficult time nowadays due to lack of resources for his medical treatment.

Low power bill means there’s something fishy

In connivance with some officials in Wapda, the well-off people in Peshawar are keeping their power bills restricted to few hundred rupees.

‘Will build road from own resources and invite PM for inauguration’

The people of Mastuj tehsil of Upper Chitral district have started work on construction of 30 kilometres road in Mastuj on self-help basis.

Sikh community seeks revival of Kalanga Shamshan Ghat

The displaced people of Sikh community are demanding revival of Shamshan Ghat (cremation ground) situated in Kalanga area of Bara.

Ban on women’s entry in Hangu Bazaar retracted after administration’s intervention

A local organisation banned entry of women in Doaba Bazaar in Hangu, but withdrew its ban after the intervention of the district administration.

Poetesses in Buner publishing their work without attribution

A book of poetry collection ‘Zalanda Salar’ was launched by Salar Adabi Tolana, a literary organisation in Buner, on Wednesday.

Devotees throng Hazrat Pir Baba Shrine after reopening

After reduction of coronavirus cases in Pakistan, most of the sectors were reopened fully and shrines and dargahs were also included in it.