Not just a novel: ‘A Prince Who Destroyed My Life’

Novelist Iman Jamil says the novel which was published recently, puts light on positive aspects of Pashtun culture.

Harender Devi aims to change women’s lives by imparting sewing skills

Harender Devi from Mardan believes in making life easier for her and other women by doing skill-based work and imparting training to others.

‘Harassment from an elderly person shocked me beyond measure’

Rehana from Peshawar was shocked beyond measure when one day she faced harassment from a man of her grandfather’s age.

Political rivals cash in on mistakes of Orakzai House

Wrong decisions and unwise friends often bring downfall in politics, and the same happens with former MNA Late Munir Khan Orakzai.
Farman Kaskar

Swabi police arrests young poet on parents’ complaint

According to the clerk, Farman disobeys his parents, and as a result, has gotten arrested under section 107

A journey from forced marriage to prostitution

An Afghan refugee woman in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was living normally until a cousin visited her in the absence of her spouse at night time.

Baba-e-Qita Abdul Rahim Roghani leaves the mortal world

Famed Pashto poet from Swat Abdul Rahim Roghani, also known as Baba-e-Qita, passed away on Wednesday after a protracted illness.

Publication of 6 new books in Torwali to preserve the endangered...

Three new books have been published in Torwali language in connection with the International Day for Mother Language.

Sobia Khan becomes first transgender member of DRC

First time in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, a transgender person has been appointed a member of Dispute Resolution Council (DRC) by the KP Police.
World Mother Language Day

The status of Pashto on International Mother Language Day

The International Mother Language Day is observed every year on February 21 in Pakistan and rest of the world.

Sardar Gardeep Singh to don Turban in Senate

Sardar Gardeep Singh says he is proud that Prime Minister Imran Khan and his party trusted him for serving his community through the Senate.

First ever public library opens in Charsadda

A public library has been opened first time for students and other people of Charsadda with the cost of Rs100 million.