Difficulties of Bara Bazaar traders not over yet

Bara Bazaar of Khyber Agency, which was closed due to military operation for the last seven years, was reopened for business activities on Friday. Many traders suffered huge financial losses due to the long closure of the bazaar and now they don’t have enough resources to re-establish their businesses. One among them is Firdous Jamal, who is now indebted by lakhs of rupees after sustaining huge losses due to closure of the bazaar.

Ismaili community people observing ‘Pathak’ festival in Chital

The people belonging to Ismaili community are celebrating traditional festival ‘Pathak’ in Garam Chashma area of Chitral. People from Ismaili community celebrate this festival in the first week of February in the memory of Pir Nasir Khusro. They believe that Pir Nasir Khusro came to Garam Chashma 1,100 years ago through the route of Badakhshan and their forefathers accepted the religion due to his preaching.
Beauty parlour business is on boom in Peshawar.

Beauty business booming in Peshawar

It is a natural phenomena that every human being particularly youth wants to be good-looking and handsome. Comparatively, the womenfolk are more conscious about their outlook.

First woman DSP of KP Traffic Police aims to lead the...

It has been observed that male members of our society generally excel in jobs in the security forces and women tend not joining such jobs.

Karan Khan introducing new genres in Pashto music

Like other cultural identities of Pakhtuns, music is also witnessing regular changes in its style and presentation over the years.

Kalash tribe celebrates deaths instead of mourning

It is a common practice world over that people usually express grief and sorrow over the death of loved ones. However, the Kalash tribe of Chitral handles the death quite differently and instead of mourning, it celebrates the deaths with festivities and dances.

Islampur Bazaar famous world over for woollen shawls, chaddars

Salampur area of Swat, which is now commonly known as Islampur, is famous in the world for its warm woollen shawls, chaddars and waistcoats.
FATA Reforms Committee and the reform process

Commentary: Why is it better to merge FATA with KP

The FATA Parliamentarians tabled the bill in the National Assembly seeking merger of FATA with KP.

Sawera Foundation providing vocational, computer training to terror-affected minority women

Sawera Foundation, a welfare institution, has opened a centre for women belonging to the minority community affected by terrorism to train them in different skills to enable them to support their families.

Early detection of breast cancer makes treatment easier: Dr Abid Jamil

Breast cancer kills about 40,000 women in Pakistan every year. The World Health Organisation (WHO) says previously only the older women complained about the disease but now it is also spreading quickly among the younger women in developing countries, including Pakistan.

APS martyr Asad Aziz still lives in people’s hearts

Class-8 student Asad Aziz, who was a resident of Faqirabad area of Peshawar, was also among the martyrs of the Army Public School (APS) terrorist attack.

Chingchi riding: a facility or a nuisance

It is not only the abundance of vehicular traffic that has caused increase in the ratio of road accidents. There are also some other contributing factors that include reckless driving and violation of traffic rules by motorists and bikers