Students attending classes in Charsadda school declared unsafe by C&W Department

The Construction and Works Department has declared the building of Boys Primary School in Dadu Killi in Charsadda as unusable and unsafe, but boys continue to attend their classes in the building.

‘Help Us Stand on Our Own Feet’: Lives of Kabul’s Long-Term...

“Ghani Sahib promised that he will donate the land to me, but it was a not a real promise,” he said, referring to the president. In the absence of formal land rights, Tawoos and hundreds of others living at the camp are considered informal residents or, worse, squatters

The Brave Female Activists Who Fought to Lift Saudi Arabia’s Driving...

Until 1990, there was a customary ban on women driving. During the first Gulf War, Saudi women could not fail to notice that female American soldiers based in Saudi Arabia drove freely through military bases while they could not.

‘The Time to Go Home Has Come’: Afghans Return to Embattled...

Inside the U.N. refugee agency (UNHCR) tent set up for landmine awareness training in East Kabul, Shir Alam looked visibly uneasy amid the small crowd of refugees that had gathered around the cluster munition samples.

Construction work on Gandao Small Dam could not be resumed

Construction work on Gandao Small Dam could not be resumed causing depletion of underground water level that further aggravated non-availability of drinking water in the areas.

The forgotten archaeological sites in Khyber Agency fading away

Thousands of year old archaeological ruins in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Fata) on path to disappear due to encroachment and lack of preservation.

Family refuses to accept financial compensation against the death of Fawad...

The family of Political Tehsildar Fawad Ali Shah, who lost his life in a bomb blast in Bajaur Agency few days ago, has called upon the government to confer civil award to him instead of giving him Shaheed Package.

People of Delaks in Upper Dir seek opening of bridge for...

The people of Delaks area of Upper Dir have called upon the government to complete construction work on the only linking bridge in the area on priority basis and open it for traffic.

Influential person blocks school’s route in Lakki Marwat

An influential person has blocked the entry route of the Government High School Dabak Mandarkhel in Lakki Marwat with thorns in protest against the government for not giving job to his son in the school.

90 percent landmine victims are women, children reports SPDO

So far around 6000 people have either been killed or injured due to landmines in Pakistan. “The government has no mechanism in place to collect data on landmines victims. Raza Shah said it was civil society’s responsibility to join hands with army and police and launch a mines risk education jointly.

Scattered landmines in Fata pose threat to people’s lives

According to data available with the Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS), more than two thousands cases of landmine blasts have been reported in Fata over the past few years.

Transgender persons suffer from indefinite ban on dancing profession in Bannu

The transgender community on Wednesday staged protest against crackdown on their dance performance at marriages and different events and demanded of the government to provide them jobs.