Corona vaccine arrives in KP amid spread of absurd rumours

With the arrival of coronavirus vaccine, new rumours are also surfacing in the world, particularly in the Muslim world.

Chilghoza prices drop amid corona-triggered lockdown

At a time when the prices of edibles have recorded increase, the prices of pine nuts dropped significantly during the coronavirus lockdown. 

Corona-triggered restrictions inflict heavy losses on Pak-Afghan traders, transporters

Yar Gul’s business of goods’ transport incurs huge losses whenever the Pak-Afghan Torkham border is closed.

Rs250 million released for reviving community schools in KP

Educational activities in the community schools of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will resume soon after release of funds.

Students divided over new university dress code

Students at Bacha Khan University Charsadda have divided views about the new dress code which encourages them to wear Abaya and scarf.

COVID-19 causes heavy losses to fruit, vegetable growers, traders

The coronavirus pandemic is not only a global health issue, it is also having devastating impacts on the world economy.

Age is just a number for this bicycle rider

At the age of 83, Abdul Qayyum Balala from Sirsanai area of Swat, wanted to make a point – age is just a number.

Did Mangal Bagh die with bomb planted by own volunteers?

Mangal Bagh has reportedly died in a bomb blast in Achin Bandra area of Nangarhar province of Afghanistan.

Why students who opposed online classes are now supporting online exams?

The University of Peshawar has announced online exams and cancelled in-person exams over protests by students.

Forced marriages often result into unpleasant consequences

Marriage is a very delicate and sensitive relationship which needs extreme care on part of husband, wife and their respective families.

Coronavirus pandemic intensifies housemaids’ dilemma 

Razia Mehsud As the number of corona positive patients rises amidst the second wave of the pandemic, uncertainty looms over Salma as she fears what...

‘I quit job when boss started harassing me’

A female worker at an NGO had to leave her job to safeguard her dignity as the attempts of harassment were increasing with passage of time.