A Torkham school where Afghan students sing Pakistani national anthem

There are two private schools at Torkham border where Afghan students daily sing the national anthem daily during the morning assembly.

“Corona lockdown helps less-known tourist spots to attract visitors”

Abdul Qayyum Afridi The closure of major tourist spots in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa during the lockdown was although devastating for the hotel industry, tour operators and...

Life returning to local picnic spots after relaxation in lockdown

The government’s decision to relax the coronavirus lockdown has widely been hailed particularly by those associated with the tourism industry.

Creative activities helpful in mitigating stress during pandemic

According to health experts, the level of anxiety and depression is reported higher among patients with lower socioeconomic status.

Counseling proved to have better impact on Covid19 positive patients

Ceena Naeem “The moment I tested positive for Covid19, the only thing which occupied my mind all the time was death, because I had been...

Parents, private schools at loggerheads over non-payment of dues

With the reopening of the educational institutions, private schools and parents are at loggerheads over the issue of monthly fees.

Continuous exposure to media during lockdown put people in anxiety, depression

Many people passed through depression apparently due to their continuous exposure to media contents during the corona lockdown period.

How people respond after seeing woman rickshaw driver in Peshawar?

A woman, who is driving rickshaw in Peshawar in men’s attire, says poverty compelled her to take this difficult route.

‘Unskilled labourers must not go abroad’

The ratio of foreign travel was minimum this year at 7,621 due to travel restrictions after outbreak of coronavirus pandemic.

‘Being a transgender person is lifelong punishment’

Usually the children still sleep with their parents at the age of eight, but Farzana left her house and went to dera at such young age.

Attestation of domicile, other documents a Herculean task in Landikotal

The attestation of domicile certificate and other documents has become a Herculean task in Landikotal tehsil of Khyber tribal district.

Tribal students with no internet facility hit harder by Covid19

Misbah Ud Din Utmani Apart from its severe negative impact on the global economy, the students of the less-developed tribal districts have been hit hard...