Depression and anxiety on the rise amid corona pandemic

Coronavirus has claimed millions of lives worldwide, while its fear has also caused mental discomfort among the healthy people.

Six changes in BRT design that you may not know about

By Usman Khan & Amina Khan Construction work on the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s mega project known as Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) has undergone major changes like a roller coaster since the...

Devotees gather to celebrate Kaka Sahib 376th Urs in Nowshera

Thousands of devotees from FATA and KP gathered to celebrate three-day Urs celebration of Sufi saint Kaka Sahib in Nowshera.

Roads of beautiful Chitral are not so beautiful

Chitral Valley of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa enjoys a distinguished position in the world due to its lovely scenery, unique culture and hospitality.

Muhammad Rizwan rides on self-belief to become successful cricketer

By Anwar Shah PESHAWAR, 21 August: Muhammad Rizwan, the 23-year-old cricketer from Peshawar, is fast emerging as a dependable wicketkeeper batsman for the national cricket...

Heritage Trail Project aims revival of splendour in City of Flowers

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has initiated Heritage Trail Project to restore the historic and old buildings of Peshawar and beautify them.

Opinion of transgender persons not given much importance in Pakhtun society

A transgender person from Peshawar had to dance in the music parties during night-time to earn money to continue her education.

Shaheen Shah Afridi: A new cricket star in the making

Younger brother of former cricketer Riaz Afridi, Shaheen is attracted the attention of selectors and former players including former captain Pakistan Cricket Team Wasim Akram.
Marble factory in Jamrud

Locals got compelled to quit business with a surge in the...

Zahid Mullagori Jamrud: "Things were going well but with the passage of time, things started to change for the bad and our problems started to escalate....

Govt to rebuild 105-year old school in Bara

The school was constructed as primary school in 1913 by the British government. It was blown up by militants with explosives in 2009 damaging it beyond repair.

‘Forestation can check climate change impacts’

Global warming or climate change is the increase in the average temperature of the earth which is being observed during the past few years. Experts have largely been attributing this rise in temperature to deforestation and emission of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide gases from industrial units and motor vehicles. According to experts, climate change is not just rise in temperate. It has wide-ranging impacts, including rising sea levels, melting of glaciers, extreme heat events, fires, drought, rainfall and floods. Scientists predict that these trends will continue and in some instances, accelerate.

First ever gym for women opened in Peshawar

The first ever gymnasium has been opened for females in Peshawar in which women of all ages come for different physical exercises.