Muhammad Nabi: The shining star of Karate from Bara

No one can deny sports talent in tribal districts. Players from merged districts have made name for them on national and international level.

People welcome budget allocation for sports in tribal districts

After restoration of peace in tribal districts, the government is focusing on promotion of sports along with other fields in the area.

25 playgrounds to be set up in merged districts

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has allocated Rs.60 million in the budget for establishment of playgrounds in 25 sub-divisions of tribal districts.

Govt exploring tourism potential at various sites in merged districts: Atif

The KP government is making efforts for exploring potential at different tourist sites in merged districts, says Tourism Minister Muhammad Atif Khan.

‘Tourists must respect local culture, norms in tribal districts’

The KP government has identified 25 locations in different parts of the province where special steps will be taken for promotion of tourism.

Panel discussion: facilities must be provided at tourist spots in merged districts

Unfortunately, tourism sector did not get proper attention in tribal districts in the past and facilities for tourists are negligible.

Panel discussion: Solar panels direly needed in tribal districts

Experts in a panel discussion arranged by TNN said solarisation is direly needed in tribal districts, particularly in schools, mosques and hospitals.

Conversion of tube wells to solar system works wonders

Water supply schemes and tube wells were also damaged like other government properties during militancy and military operations.

13 mini solar grid stations to be set up in tribal districts

Like other sectors, water supply and irrigation schemes were also badly affected during militancy and military operations in tribal districts.

Solar tube wells resolve water shortage problem in merged districts

With the merger of erstwhile FATA with KP, the federal government has announced to allocate Rs.1,200 million for the 10-year development program.

Panel discussion: Rulers must get their development priorities right

The Relief, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction (RRR) Unit of the KP government has released Rs4.5 billion funds for different projects in merged districts.
Pakistan to attain accreditation with International Seed Testing Association’ FAO

People of merged districts seek transparent utilisation of development funds

The KP government has released Rs.4.4 billion for reconstruction of 700 structures damaged during militancy and military operations in merged districts.