PDMA releases Rs190m for aid to North Waziristan TDPs

The PDMA has released Rs190 million in the head of monthly instalment for payment of compensation to displaced persons of North Waziristan.

Ration supply gives boost to economically disadvantaged families in areas of return

Ms. Fatima, from Kurram Agency, was one of those who lived a satisfied life with the ration and aid her family received from the government. “The ration was a blessing in disguise for us at a time when we had no roof over our heads and my husband was jobless,” she said.

Early return of TDPs of North Waziristan from Afghanistan demanded

Madakhel tribe of North Waziristan tribal district on Monday demanded arrangements for early return of TDPs currently living in Afghanistan.

Post-repatriation opportunities and challenges of Technical education in FATA

The government has allocated Rs 600 million to promote technical education and enroll maximum students at technical educational institutions in Federally Administered Tribal Areas...

Landmine victim Arab Shah sees his disability as asset, not liability

Arab Shah, who is hailing from Salarzai area of Bajaur Agency, is one of the hundreds of people disabled by landmine blasts. He went through difficult circumstances after falling prey to the blast but did not lose his courage.

25 playgrounds to be set up in merged districts

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has allocated Rs.60 million in the budget for establishment of playgrounds in 25 sub-divisions of tribal districts.

A life of displacement: Minorities seek early return to FATA

As the government started military action against Taliban to restore peace in the volatile tribal belt, hundreds of thousands of tribesmen, including minorities, were displaced from their homes.

Political activities get momentum in FATA after TDPs return to hometowns

With the return of temporarily displaced persons (TDPs) and their rehabilitation in FATA, different political parties have initiated preparations for the next year’s general elections.

Govt releases Rs 30.40 million for resettlement of IDPs

The KP relief department has requested the SAFRON division to release Rs 8 billion for CLCP and Rs 5.6 billion for reconstructions projects which have already approved by the Federal cabinet.

Panel discussion: Rulers must get their development priorities right

The Relief, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction (RRR) Unit of the KP government has released Rs4.5 billion funds for different projects in merged districts.
South Waziristan has the highest number of non functional schools

Absenteeism of teachers, damaged buildings make 900 schools non-functional in FATA

In tribal areas of Pakistan, more than 800 schools have been closed or still remained non-functional due to poor law and order situation in...

North Waziristan people resume protests for ‘compensation’

The people of North Waziristan tribal district have once again initiated protests in favour of demands after relaxation of lockdown by the government.