107 pilgrims die, 238 injured as crane crashes in Grand Mosque

PESHAWAR, 12 September: At least 107 pilgrims lost their lives and about 238 others, including at least 52 Pakistani nationals, sustained injuries when a construction...

Saudi princes, ministers detained on corruption charges

The Saudi government has arrested 11 princes and serving and former ministers and business tycoons on charges of corruption.

24 million children between the ages of 5 and 16 are out-of-school in Pakistan:...

In Pakistan, government data show that 24 million children between the ages of 5 and 16 are out-of-school. Out of this, 6.1 million primary school age children do not access primary school and girls are two fifth of this number

Nato service member killed, 2 injured in Afghan insider attack

A Nato service member was killed and two others were injured in an insider attack in Herat province of Afghanistan on Monday.

FO summons ambassador Hale following deadly road accident involving US Diplomat

A day earlier, a speedy car driven by the Col Joseph Emanuel Hall, defence and air attaché at the US embassy hit a motorbike at Margalla Road as a result a man was killed and another received injuries.

Donald Trump elected as 45th US president

Donald John Trump has been elected the 45th president of the United States of America. Trump, 70, a Republican candidate obtained 278 electoral votes out of the total 538 votes, eight more from the required figure of 270. Democratic party candidate Hillary Clinton, wife of former US president Bill Clinton got 218 electoral votes. Mrs Clinton was perhaps more favorite for the presidential job as per the media’s initial assumptions and online polls.

Saudi government changes schedule for stoning of devil to avoid stampede

The government of Saudi Arabia has made changes in the schedule of Jamraat, the ritual of symbolic stoning of the devil during Hajj, and shortened the period by 12 hours. According to Saudi media, the decision has been taken to avoid stampede at the site of the stoning of the devil. The last year’s Hajj was marked the worst ever stampede during which hundreds of pilgrims died. The Saudi government had officially confirmed the death of 768 pilgrims however, international media had said the more than 3000 hujaj died during the stampede.

Afghan govt urged to illegal migration of youth to European states

The government of Afghanistan has been urged to take strong measures to stop illegal migration of Afghan youth to European countries.

PM Nawaz urges Saudi Arabia, Iran to resolve differences peacefully

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has urged Saudi Arabia and Iran to resolve their mutual differences peacefully.

12 Saudi soldiers killed in Yemen helicopter crash

Twelve soldiers of Saudi Arabia were killed in a helicopter crash in Yemen on Tuesday.

Afghan Taliban deny holding talks with govt

The Taliban militants in Afghanistan have rejected reports that they met with an Afghan government delegation this week in Saudi Arabia.

Afghan Taliban confirm holding crew members of crashed helicopter

The Afghan Taliban have confirmed holding all the seven crew members of the crashed helicopter of the Punjab government and offered to release them unconditionally. According to Express Tribune, the Taliban have denied the reports that they set fire to the helicopter and clarified that the helicopter caught fire after crash landing. They said all the crew members are alright and they are being treated well.