GHALLANAI, September 24: Traders of cattle in Mohmand Agency have alleged that they have to pay bribes to Khassadar and police officials while bringing sacrificial animals to the agency.

In Mohmand Agency, tribesmen have started preparations for Eidul Azha when the Muslims slaughter cattle as sacrifice.

The Lakro cattle market in Safi tehsil has been organised for the last 100 years and people bring animals from Punjab and other areas to the agency as well.

Local residents have alleged that police and Khassadar personnel demand bribes of them when they bring animals from other areas.

“This is very unfair as the police didn’t allow us to take animals from one area to another and Khasadars also demand 50 to 100 rupees per animal. We bought buffalos in Lahore and we had to pay too much bribe while reaching the market in Lakro. We had to bribe the police at in Adeezo, Naguman and Charsadda motorway points,” said a trader.

The traders said that the prices of animals increased ultimately after they paid bribes.


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