Climate Change

Dumping site fails to resolve problem of garbage heaps in Peshawar

The dumping site in Rasheed Garhi, Peshawar is a cause of nuisance for the nearby residents due to stinking smell emanating from the garbage.

‘Much of Pakistan’s great diversity of plants yet to be documented’

Institute of Plant Sciences, University of Sindh, organised a workshop on digitisation and geo-referencing of herbaria and botanical gardens.

Climate Change: reduced rainfall, rising temperature cause low yield in Karak

The reduced rainfall and increased temperature has been taking a heavy toll on wheat production in Karak district.

Climate change takes its toll on wheat production, quality in KP

Shah Bano lighted the oven in the kitchen to prepare bread for her husband and two children who were at home on Sunday enjoying holiday.

Sharp reduction in plum production in KP attributed to climate change

Wajid Ali bought plum orchards after borrowing money hoping that he would buy a cab after selling it and also send his mother for Umrah.

Climate Change: fast melting glaciers threatens existence of villages in Chitral

The continuous landslides, depleting groundwater level, massive floods and fast melting glaciers due to rising climate change is forcing displacement of locals in Chitralis.

Rare birds, animals species in Bajaur on verge of extinction

Climate change is not only affecting human beings, but it is also affecting wild animals and birds in Bajaur tribal district.

KP-FATA Is Likely To Be Worst Victim Of Climate Change

The country has just awakened to the fact that climate change is happening and water shortage is one of its adverse impacts and some of us have asked again that why Kalabagh dam was not built in the first place.

Climate Change: Water shortage in Khyber may enforce another displacement

Mohibullah, who lives in Bara, besides doing his job is also entrusted with the responsibility of fulfilling the water needs of his family.

Climate change: Sowing maize crop is a bad bet nowadays!

The maize production witnessed 10,000 tons reduction this year as compared to last year’s yields in Mardan, the Agriculture Department says.

Tradition of ‘Nagha’ to protect forests is still intact in parts of FATA

Taj Muhammad, a resident of Mohmand district, says a local Jirga recently imposed fine of Rs2,000 on him for cutting a tree from forest.

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