CHITRAL, 16 May: The three-day long Chelum Joshi festival the annual religious and spring festival of Kalash tribes concluded at Kalash valley in Chitral on Tuesday.
Every year the festival is celebrated as the winter season end and commemorates the arrival of spring.
Hundreds of domestic as well as foreign tourists attended the festivities. Everybody was enthralled by the colorful events, unique customaries, and unique ways of worships of Kalash community.
The Kalash tribes religious leader formally announce the beginning of the festival and men and women of Kalash tribe dance with drum beats. Both men and women partake in dancing festivities, where they make circles and enjoy the sound of music in a unique way.
The Kalash tribe celebrate the festival of Chelum Joshi in the month of May as the weather during this time is pleasant enough to supplement their joy.
The evening of the festival brings a unique custom of love marriages. The young Kalash girls and boys who like each other arrange to escape some other village thereby to announce and celebrate their love marriage.
Tourists were taking photos during the festival to save the pleasant memories of the festival in their cameras and mobile phones.