"Child Labour" by (Blue-Sky) is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Palwasha Asif

Pakistani children are vulnerable to physical, psychological and sexual violence. At the same time, many of the children are exposed to forms of economic exploitation and trafficking.

Besides, a large number of children is also engaged in forced labor in brick kilns and agriculture sector.

Figures show that up to 3.3 million Pakistani children are trapped in child labor. The child labor has deprived these children of their childhood, education and health and condemned them to a life of poverty and want.

One of the main factors that push these children to child labor is poverty and they are forced to leave their homes and work day and night to become bread earners to their families.

I have seen for myself that so many little girls and boys working as babysitters or maids in households. Many of these children are often subjected to violence.

These kids are in school going age and should be sitting in class but due to poverty they are made to earn living.

In 2020, Pakistan made moderate advancement in its efforts to eliminate the worst kinds of child labor. In February, federal government formally constituted National Commission on the Rights of the Child. The commission has also two children as its members.

Additionally, in response to the fatal beating of an 8-year-old domestic worker by her employer, the Islamabad Capital Territory administration also banned child domestic labor in federal territory.

Today’s children are the pillars on which tomorrow’s society will stand and without educating our children and protecting their childhood our country cannot prosper.



  1. Bitter realty , serious notice n action should be taken by government officials n community together to protect their rights, making sure that if a child is working wherever he is bound to work he should be given permission to go to school on regular basis n get his/her education on top priority,this also is the duty of state n community to have a close watch on the matter n insure the safety of a child by all means,a regular check n balance is required, nothing is impossible,,,,


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