polio peshawar buner

PESHAWAR, October 13: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has decided to administer anti-polio vaccines to children in Peshawar and Bannnu districts through injections.

The decision was taken at a meeting, chaired by Provincial Health Minister Mr Shahram Khan Tarakai and attended by representatives of World Health Organisation, United Nations, UNICEF and Agha Khan University, Karachi.

Later, Deputy Director of the Expanded Programme on Immunisation Dr Rahim Khattak told a Pakistani media organization that they had decided to administer polio vaccine to children in Buner and Peshawar in November.

He said that if successful, the scheme would be extended to other districts. He added that the vaccine administered through injection is more powerful than the drops. However, he said the only problem that could surface was the training of staff for the injections.

A few months ago , several children died and many fainted after being injected with the anti-measles vaccines because the staff in most areas was not trained enough to do that.


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