CHITRAL, 13 December: Earthquake affected persons of Darosh area of district Chitral on Sunday held a protest rally against the district government for its inability in providing relief to them.

The participants of the rally marched through the main Darosh bazaar and chanted slogans against the district administration.

“Hundreds of dwellers of Darosh area were affected by the earthquake,” a protester said and added, “a large number of people are still without any relief”.

“At least 1200 villagers did not get the checques of compensation amount. They have been going from pillar to post but to no avail,” said a participant of the rally. Another protester informed that the survey teams had left a number of villages as a result deserving people had been deprived of the compensation amount.

“Some people get two, two checuqes while many are still waiting for the payment. It’s all due to the incompetency of the district administration,” a protester remarked.

They demanded of the provincial government to send PDMA teams to the affected villages so that the deserving affectees could be compensated.


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