MINGORA, 24 April: For the first time in Swat’s history, a female from Christian community has decided to contest upcoming Local Government election.

Hina Patras will vie for the slot of District Council Nazim. The ambitious woman claims enjoying the support not only of Christian community but she also has the espousal of Muslim voters.

The reason behind my decision joining politics is to fight for the rights of the women besides resolving the issues Christian community is faced with, she said.

“I want to support those who have complaints against the government and they can do nothing. When my elder brother came to know about my decision to join district level politics he literally got perturbed and advised not to go to the bazaars [for canvassing] and if it is inevitable I should be burqa-clad so that no one could identify me. The whole community is supporting and encouraging me this is why I am confident. I see myself MNA or MPA of the future.”


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