PESHAWAR: Provincial bureaucrats have refused to cooperate with a task force constituted by the prime minister for reforms in the civil services.

The bureaucrats has reportedly asked the government to first resolve their issues or else they would reject the committee’s proposed reforms.

The announcement came after former State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) governor Dr Ishrat Hussain, who is heading Prime Minister Imran Khan’s civil service reforms taskforce, held a meeting with representatives of the Provincial Civil Service (PCS) at the Civil Secretariat in Peshawar.

The officers called the meeting an “eyewash and a sham,” and rejected the reforms which the task force may suggest to the civil services in Pakistan.

He was further told that the province was suffering an administrative crisis with as many as 200 positions reserved for PAS officers lying vacant and promotions of hundreds of PCS officers were long overdue.

They also questioned legality of posting of PAS officers to provinces on provincial positions, especially after the 18th constitutional amendment while Dr Hussain did not respond positively to these issues and stated that he did not consider them as issues of the civil service.