Employees of the Education Department at their strike camp in Peshawar. Photo by Mr Arshad Khan

PESHAWAR, November 25: The Class-IV employees have staged sit-in outside Education Department for ignoring their promotion in Hashtnagri locality of Peshawar city.

They complained that the government had upgraded the scales of around 93,000 clerks and teachers; however, 110,000 Class-IV employees have been ignored.

The protestors appealed to the government to upgrade their scales like those of teachers and clerks.

“I appeal to the government to upgrade our scales just like those of teachers, clerks and other employees. I have five children and my salary is just 8,000 rupees. Our utility bills usually exceed 10,000 rupees, so we sell out our possessions in order to make the payment. I cannot send my children to receive education; that is why I have indulged them in other labour,” said one of the demonstrators.


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