Seminar on climate change in bara press club
Seminar on climate change in bara press club

BARA: The illegal industrial units and massive deforestation are negatively affecting the climate of tribal districts of the province, said Afsar Khan, deputy direct climate change cell of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa environmental protection agency.

Afsar Khan was addressing a seminar on climate change at Bara press club on Friday. The event was arranged by Islamic relief to create awareness about climate change and its impacts, among journalists community. Officials of the Islamic relief including Muhammad Waseem, advocacy engagement office, community mobilizer Muhammad Jamil, Assistant Director Agriculture Zakia Menhas and journalists of Bara Press club also participated in the seminar.

Afsar Khan said that tribal districts have now become the part of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa after the passage of the 25th constitutional amendment and the Provincial environmental act 2014 has already been extended to these districts.  Khan added that to counter the climate change, the KP Government is working on the policy under which all the illegal pollution-emitting factories will be warned and if they don’t comply with the law they will be sealed.

Khan said that they are currently working on collecting the data of factories in tribal districts and would identify the pollution-emitting factories and strict action will be taken against them under the relevant section of the law.

Assistant Director Agriculture Zakia Menhas in her address to the gathering said that climate changes are also negatively affecting agriculture productivity. She warned that if proper efforts were not taken it could lead to food insecurity in the country. Zakia Menhas expressed the need for the agriculture sector the province to work on modern lines and research.

Menhas added that the erratic changes in the climate changes are affecting agriculture productivity. The assistant director said that there is a need for proper planning to cope with changing climate and its impacts on food production of the province.


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