PESHAWAR: The Chief Minister Mehmood Khan has directed the district administrations, police and Tehsil Municipal Administrators to immediately initiate crackdown against the use of polythene bags in the province at the sub-divisional and divisional level.

These directives were issued by the Chief Minister while being briefed on the administrative matters in the province in the Chief Ministers Secretariat on Wednesday. The provincial government has already banned the use of plastic bags in the province but, so far, they have failed to implement it. The Chief Minister was informed that so far, legal action has been initiated against 80 polythene bag retailers in the province.

The CM was also briefed on the Clean and Green drive being carried out in the province. The Chief Minister was informed that a total of 14 Million saplings have been distributed and planted till March 2019 whereas, during the month of April, 1.5 lakh saplings have been planted in the province so far.

The meeting was also informed that the Clean and Green drive is also being carried out with great zeal and enthusiasm in the newly merged districts which is evident from the fact that 22,000 saplings were planted in Waziristan on the first day of the Clean and Green Pakistan drive.

The Chief Minister was also informed that a total of 1253 petrol and CNG stations were inspected out of which 225 stations have been issued show cause notices for not maintaining hygiene of restrooms in addition to the imposition of fine amounting to Rs 5 lakh and 20 thousand.


The Chief Minister also directed that master plan for every major city in the province should be prepared. He added that industrial activities should be limited to industrial zones in the province and that no activities, including marble crushing, should be allowed outside the dedicated zones in order to limit the environmental pollution.


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