CHITRAL, 16 October: Kailash Valley is famous in the world for its colourful cultural festivals and traditions. A similar festival ‘Phool’ concluded in the valley on Saturday.

A mass wedding ceremony of 30 couples was also arranged on the occasion. The local people said under this tradition the people collect pome grenades, walnuts and other fruits from trees and store them for winter season. The elder women also place caps decorated with flowers on the heads of girls which is a sign of their adulthood.

The men in Kailash tribe beat the drums, while some men and women also perform traditional dances. A large number of people from different parts of the country visit Chitral to enjoy the traditional ceremony.

A tourist from Lahore said he fully enjoyed his journey and this ceremony in Kailash valley. A local girl Jamsheena told TNN that the local girls wear a cap on the occasion which is a tradition.

“The wearing of this cap means that the girl is adult now and she can marry anyone. People meet each other in the festival and exchange pleasantries,” she said.

At the concluding evening of the festival, women come and shower flower petals on the dancing girls.

The local people said tourism in the area and people will benefit if the government improves the condition of roads in Rambor, Barir and Bamboriat areas of Chitral.