A local tribesman receiving compensation cheque from Assistant Political Agent Sajid Nawaz in Mohmand Agency. - Photo by Gul Muhammad Mohmand

GHALLANAI, 2 June: The FATA Disaster Management Authority (FDMA) and political administration of Mohmnad Agency have distributed compensation cheques of Rs35.02 million among the people affected by Marble City project.

A ceremony in this regard was organised in Mohmand Agency yesterday where Assistant Political Agent Sajid Nawaz distributed compensation cheques among 61 people affected by the project. Speakers on the occasion said the distribution of compensation cheques will expedite the construction process of the project which will create job opportunities for the local youth.

Raees, a local tribesman who received compensation cheque, told TNN that this project will prove beneficial for the local population.

“Construction of Marble City in our area will bring prosperity in the region. We are thankful to the political administration for compensating the people affected from the project. We are happy that the cheques distribution process was transparent. The people will now easily travel to Yakka Ghund and Ghallanai after construction of a new road in the area,” he said.


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