Rani Andleeb

PESHAWAR: Educational institutions in Pakistan have reopened after six-month closure due to coronavirus lockdown and now the main headache for teachers is how to complete the whole course when more than half of the academic year has already been wasted.

Students had the luxury of passing the exams without even attending the exams first time in the history of the country and now they have been finally asked to come to schools and academic activities have resumed in full swing. However, now they are facing an uphill task of completing the whole course in less than half time, which means the teachers and students will have to put in double effort than normal to make up for the loss of time during the schools closure.

Malaika, a sixth grade student, told TNN she enjoyed being at home and being promoted to next grade without exam, but now she is going to school and she doesn’t know how to manage things as she has spoiled six months at home.

The government, keeping in view the difficulties of teachers, has allowed them to teach selected chapters to students as it is understood that the whole course cannot be covered in the available short time. In this regard, the KP Education Department has dispatched the shortened course to all the high and high secondary schools for teachers.

Ayesha, an Urdu teacher at a private school, said it is even difficult to complete the shortened course in this short time. She said her duty will not end with just teaching the course, as the students also need to learn the selected lessons. She said intelligence level of all the students is not the same, and lessons are taught to different students keeping in view their acumen.

Muhammad Sohail, a private schoolteacher, said routine study is no longer an option after long break in academic activities. He said the government has taken a good decision by shortening the syllabus for students.

Sehr Naz, a physics teacher at a government school, said the students coming to school are very week in their studies due to long break. She said even teaching the short syllabus to students is a very difficult task.

Saadia, a housewife, said children did not study at home as environment of school is not possible at home. She said she is happy with reopening of schools. She said the selected course can be completed if the teachers and parents give more attention to children.