Construction company warns PDA against frequent changes in BRT project design

PESHAWAR: The Project Management and Construction Supervision Consultant (PMCSC)  on Tuesday raised objections over changes in design of Rapid Bus Transit and asked the Peshawar Development Authority to avoid  changes if they want timely completion of the project.

In a letter to the Peshawar Development Authority, the consultant engineer Teagae Macreen said that emending designs of the various aspects of BRT was seriously jeopardizing its completion within time limit.

“Timely approval was not forthcoming from the approving agencies and rather conceptual designs being provided by others for major design amendments are in nearly all instances unworkable for one reasons or another,” the letter read.

The letter said that PMCSC would once again solicit the intervention of the employer and request that no further design amendments were proposed so that the contractor could concentrate on its execution and give him a clear sense of direction that was currently lacking due to extensive design changes.


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