Construction road underway on Kir Darra road in Upper Dir. – Photo by Maaz Jan

UPPER DIR, 24 December: Work on repair of a dilapidated road in Kir Darra area of Upper Dir has been initiated after TNN highlighted the issue.

The people of the area consisting of 25 villages are facing many problems, the main being the extremely poor condition of the road. The area people were facing difficulties while going to schools and taking their patients to hospital while using this road due to difficult terrain of the mountainous area.

Provincial Minister Inayatullah Khan has approved funds of Rs60 million for the repair of the road and work on the road is now continuing with a rapid pace.

People of Kir Darra area have expressed happiness over the repair of the road.

“Construction on the road is continuing with a rapid pace for which we are thankful to TNN. The provincial officials took action after TNN highlighted the issue and now we are going towards solution of the problem,” a local resident said.