PESHAWAR, 27 November: A consultative meeting of District Advocacy Forum, which pinpoints basic problems of basic health units (BHUs) in the union councils of Peshawar, was held at a local hotel on Friday.

Officials from the district Health Department and community members from 10 union councils of Peshawar including Chamkani, Budhni, Pishtakhara and Pakha Ghulam attended the meeting. During the meeting, the community members informed the high officials about problems in their basic health units. The concerned officials assured that these problems will be resolved on priority basis.

Tanzeela, a community member, told TNN that the meeting will help reduce the problems of BHUs in Peshawar.

“Most of the problems of basic health units were identified in today’s meeting and these problems will be resolved now. We demanded furniture for waiting areas which was provided immediately. They also promised to resolve the clean drinking water problem and provide staff for labour rooms,” she said.


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