Nisha Arif

PESHAWAR: The faithful have performed the obligation of sacrifice during Eidul Azha and now after distributing meat of sacrificial animals people have stored their own share in freezers as they intend to enjoy its foods for next several days.

Meat is available in sufficient quantity in every house during Eid days and it is cooked at home and also offered to guests. However, health experts warn that continuous consumption of meat for several days may cause health issues. Oriental cuisines involve the use of spices and ghee, cooking oil etc, and if precaution is not observed, stomach bug may be the most common problem. Balanced diet is a must also during Eid days for good health. Excess of everything is bad, and the maxim applies on meat consumption also.

Dietician at Lady Reading Hospital Dr Bushra Bibi says all kinds of foods must be consumed with balance to ensure good health. She says balanced diet includes pulses, vegetables, meat, milk and fruit etc. She says if all these items are not included in diet, then trouble is inevitable.

Dr Bushra Bibi says the use of sufficient amount of water is mandatory for human body which helps in excretion of unwanted material and keeping the inside body clean. She says water is a very important ingredient of diet which saves humans from various diseases.

Dr Bushra says people often use a huge quantity of meat during Eid days after which they complain about various diseases like constipation, acidity, uric acid, gastroenteritis and related problems. She says the use of vegetables is mandatory to avoid such situations. She says doctor must be consulted immediately in case a person experiences any of these problems.

The doctor says people store meat in freezers for many days after Eidul Azha and then they complain about several diseases. She says keeping meat in a refrigerator is like inviting germs. She says there is a problem of electricity load-shedding in our country so power supply is not constant and when the freezer is off then temperature of stored meat keeps on changing. In such a situation, she says, the meat invites more germs and it becomes dangerous for health.


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