LOWER DIR: Two brothers hailing from Balambat area of Lower Dir have died of coronavirus in Saudi Arabia, while their third brother has already died of coronavirus in his hometown.

TNN correspondent reported that Muhammad Nawaz Khan and his brother Sahib Khan, who belonged to Malikhela area of Balambat, were in Saudi Arabia for work. They died of coronavirus in Saudi Arabia and their bodies were brought to their native town. They were laid to rest in their ancestral village.

The tragedy of the ill-fated family did not end there, as the third brother, Shah Nawaz Khan, had also died of coronavirus in the hometown few days ago. Shah Nawaz Khan was a schoolteacher by profession.

The atmosphere of the whole village is gloomy over the tragic turn of events.

Earlier on June 01, two persons from Lower Dir had died in Saudi Arabia. TNN correspondent had reported that Muhammad Farooq of Kotu village and Abdul Hameed of Wraskey area in Union Council Bishgram, who were in Saudi Arabia for work, died of coronavirus.

According to latest situation report of coronavirus in Lower Dir, 22 people have died of the disease, while there are 3,898 suspected cases, 1,251 confirmed cases, 912 active cases, 1,695 negative cases and 45 inconclusive cases. The results of 907 tests are awaited and 317 patients have recovered.

Although the official death toll and confirmed cases show the situation of coronavirus may be under control in Lower Dir, but it is widely believed that the actual number of deaths and cases is much higher than what is officially reported. The atmosphere of Lower Dir is believed to be more suitable for the spread of coronavirus and local people believe that the threat is much higher than what is generally perceived.

A journalist hailing from Dir said he confined himself inside his house when he went for holidays to his village. He believed that the coronavirus situation is so dangerous that he fears that he may contract the disease if he stepped outside and met anyone. Some believe that extension of smart lockdown to Lower Dir may be a good option.