Ameer Zada went into depression after contracting coronavirus
Ameer Zada, a local journalist from Khyber tribal district diagnosed with coronavirus in April 2020.

Iftikhar Khan

PESHAWAR: Some patients contracting coronavirus go into depression due to strange behaviour of people around them as they start to treat them with indifference as a source of spreading the disease.

The same feeling came to senior journalist from Khyber tribal district, Ameer Zada, when his coronavirus test came back as positive. It created an atmosphere of gloom in his house as if something very bad has happened to them. Ameer Zada said the mistreatment of people with coronavirus patients add to their miseries and some of them end up losing their lives while battling corona and depression.

“Such was the level of grief at my house when they came to know about my disease as if my dead body has arrived or as if I have committed some immoral act,” Ameer Zada told TNN.

“I have realised after fully recovering from the disease that I was unnecessarily feeling pressure and stress. It was the strange behaviour of people around me that pushed me into depression,” he said.

All the members of Jamrud Press Club decided to undergo test when one of their colleagues was diagnosed with the virus. It was a surprise for Ameer Zada to be diagnosed with the virus as he experienced no symptoms of the disease.

The senior journalist said he underwent coronavirus test on May 15 and he received message on WhatsApp at 10:00am the next day that his test has come back as positive. He said he was sitting with his seven friends in Karkhano Market at that time and also had Iftar with them earlier in the day. He said the atmosphere suddenly changed when he told his friends about the development and four of them immediately left without even saying goodbye to him. He said his brother then came to pick him and he conveyed to his family to vacate his room as he wanted to go into self-isolation.

Ameer Zada had quarantined himself inside a room of his house.

“It was perhaps the saddest day in my life as my family was extremely concerned. I started feeling fever after reaching home and I was extremely depressed,” Ameer Zada said.

The senior journalist said he had nightmares throughout the night, his body was in pain and he felt as if someone was pressing his neck. “I got a lot of inspiration when I opened his Facebook account and received hundreds of messages of good wishes and prayers for my fast recovery,” he said.

Ameer Zada said he had strictly asked the family to stay away from his room and only his wife used to bring food, that too from a distance. He said the fourth day of his illness was even more troublesome as he started losing appetite and sense of smell, odour and taste. He said he shared his problem on Facebook and received advises from friends and encouragement that this all will be fine within few days.

Ameer Zada said he was hoping for a negative test before Eid, but it did not happen and he was again extremely depressed when his second test also came back as positive.

“I wanted to meet all my relatives and friends and celebrate Eid normally with my family, but it was not to happen because I had not recovered fully,” he said, adding that it was first time in his life that he did not offer Eid prayer.

He said he used to talk to his children through window during his illness. He said his test came back as negative after 16 days of quarantine and his family started a routine life again. He said social media was a great help during his illness as he used to receive a lot of encouragement from friends.

The journalist said coronavirus is a reality and those not accepting this reality are living in self-denial.