Adil Rehman Afridi after full recovery from coronavirus.

LANDIKOTAL: In an encouraging development for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa after emergence of 78 coronavirus cases, a patient from Shalobar area of Bara in Khyber tribal district has fully recovered and he has been sent home.

District Health Officer (DHO) Tariq Hayat has confirmed that Adil Rehman Afridi has fully recovered and discharged from hospital.

The family members of Adil Rehman Afridi while talking to media said they are extremely happy and thankful to Almighty Allah that he has fully recovered from the dangerous disease. They said they are also praying for full recovery of the rest of patients. They said Adil Rehman was brought to Peshawar last week and now his second test has declared clear and he has reached home.

On March 19, 30-year-old Adil Rehman was diagnosed with coronavirus and Deputy Commissioner Mehmood Aslam Wazir had announced it to the media.

Adil Rehman is also extremely happy over his recovery and thankful to Almighty Allah and his friends and well-wishers for their prayers. He said there is no need to fear coronavirus and the only thing to do is to take precautions. He has also shared his fresh picture with friends and well wishers after recovery from the disease.

Adil Rehman said he was provided full facilities at Police Services Hospital during treatment and his family was also well looked after in the village. He said he is also praying for the recovery of all patients.

In an earlier chat with TNN, Adil Rehman said he suffered from respiratory difficulty two weeks days ago and then he developed chest and throat infection and high fever. He said he went to a local doctor, but he did not administer injection due to high fever. He said he went to a private hospital which referred him to Police Services Hospital where he was admitted after his coronavirus test returned as positive.

Adil Rehman said he was given a separate room at the hospital and his treatment was done in a good manner, but he faced difficulties in finding food. The family of Adil was also kept in quarantine back in the village. Adil has four children and he often goes to China for business.