Nabi Jan Orakzai

PESHAWAR: A corruption scandal has surfaced in Iqra Education Voucher Scheme of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government after which the managing director of the scheme has been sacked.

The provincial inspection team has sent a questionnaire to the Education Department about the scam. The KP government had released funds of over Rs20 million to 30 schools in five districts under the scheme aimed at bringing out of school children to schools. Now it has been revealed that funds of Rs19,448,162 have been embezzled in the scheme.

Adviser to KP Chief Minister on Education Ziaullah Bangash said Managing Director of the scheme, Zulfikar Ahmed has been sacked from his job as an immediate measure. He said further decisions about the matter will be taken after submission of the inquiry report in the board of governors meeting on 19 February. He said the staff of the scheme will be sacked and any other official found involved in the scam will also be dealt with sternly.

The provincial probe team says Rs2,174,000 were released for 317 students of Bright Ray Public School Bajna, Mira in which only 28 students are enrolled. It shows that over 1,981,000 was embezzled in the fund in this head. Similarly, an amount of Rs723,800 was released for Rehbar Public School Usmanabad, which is non-functional, while Rs1,764,000 was released for Concept Public School Naka Halkot.

Similarly, an amount of 1,666,000 was released for School of Science Dogha, Mansehra, which is a ghost school, Rs1,673,000 was released for 239 students of ghost school Hazara Pak Model School Bafa, Mira, and Rs1,672,800 was released for Moonlight Public School Jalwadana in which Rs1.4 million was embezzled.

The provincial government also released Rs1,671,000 for Areeb Public School Godwai Jabba in which Rs1,381,000 was embezzled. For the ghost school Rehnuma Public School Kharara Mira, an amount of Rs1,323,000 was released, while Rs1,022,100 was released for ghost school Iqra Hadiqatul Atfal. Areeb Public School Kangra Tatah get Rs1223,000 in which over Rs1.1 million was embezzled.

Similar mismanagement and embezzlement has also been noticed in Noor Subh Public School Dabgaryan, New Nasheman Public School Dhari Seri, Oghi, Ghazali Education Lodhian, Mira Datta, the Intelligent School Chamora Datta, Ghazali Public School Makreha Bala, Mansehra and Fatima Jinnah School and Girls College Balagh Payan.

The inspection team revealed that the provincial government has released funds to 14 such schools which are either non-functional or functioning very poorly. The questionnaire sent to the Education Department carries eight questions.


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