PHC issues stay order against school teachers' polio duty

PESHAWAR: The Peshawar High Court (PHC) on Thursday vacated the stay order on the construction of the judicial complex in Tirah valley of district Khyber.

The order was issued by a two-judge bench of PHC comprising Justice Roohul Amin Khan and Justice Muhammad Ayub Khan while hearing the writ petition filed by Waheed Ullah, a resident of Tirah.

The petitioner told the court that though the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has started work by taking the possession of his 17 Kanal of land, however, he has not been paid compensation for his property by the government. The same court, during the previous hearing of the case, had stayed the construction work on the project and directed the KP government to submit a response to the petition.

The bench directed the petitioner to visit the concern government departments as the high court cannot hear a petition in this regard. The petitioner argued that he has already submitted applications with the concern departments but got no satisfactory response.

However, the bench withdrew the stay order and directed the government to commence work on the construction of courts in the area while notice was issued to the provincial government to explain why he has not been paid the compensation of his property procured for the construction of courts in Tirah.

PHC sets aside sentence of paramilitary soldier convicted by Political administration

he Peshawar high court has set aside the sentence awarded to a paramilitary soldier by the former political administration of Kurram Agency on the accusation of links with militants.

The judgment was issued by a two-judge bench comprising Justice Ikramullah Khan and Justice Musarat Hilali while hearing the writ petition of Momin Khan, a former paramilitary soldier.

His lawyer, Daniyal Khan Chamkani argued before the bench that Momin was sentenced to 28-years imprisonment by the erstwhile assistant political agent of Kurram agency for his alleged links with a militant origination and attacks on security forces.

“Under the law, the political administration wasn’t entitled to grant a sentence of more than 10-year,” the lawyer said.  The lawyer went on to argue that the allegations leveled are not proved, therefore, he should be released on bail and the case should be heard by a regular court.

After hearing the arguments, the bench ordered the government to release Momin Khan on bail. Momin will now be tried by the regular courts under the laws of the country.


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