PESHAWAR: It takes almost one to two hours to place an order at a restaurant and it also takes hefty money to get a cake at home however today I will show you an easy recipe to bake a cake at home with the ingredients that are available in your kitchen.

All you need are a few things in your kitchen that are easily available in general stores nearby your homes.


Flour                         1 Cup

Sugar                        Half Cup

Milk                           1 Cup

Eggs                           2

Baking Powder        1 tsp

Cooking Oil              As required

How to prepare it?

Take a bowl, add whisked eggs, sugar and baking powder and mix it well. Add oil as per your requirement in the bowl.

Gradually add water in the batter, add flour and mix until the batter turns thick. It would be better if you add use a whisker to mix it.

Take a designed bowl, add some oil and add the mixture into it. Pre-heat oven while you prepare the batter.

Do not fully fill the bowl with the batter, leave some space on the top.

Now keep the designed bowl in the oven and wait till the cake is prepared.

You can use chocolates, sweets, fruits and marshmallows to decorate your cake afterwards serve it will.