BANNU: District administration of Frontier Region Bannu on Thursday organized a literary and cultural festival for the first time after restoration of peace in the region.

Commissioner Bannu Abdul Jabbar Shah, Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Ali, army officers and local elders participated in the festival.

Teachers and students from different educational institutions along with local youth thronged the festival and participated in different literary and cultural activities.

Poets presented their poems on law and order followed by peace in their poems and lauded sacrifices of the tribal people for facing and rendering matchless sacrifices in war on terror.

The organizers also arranged music shows and attanr, cultural dance, where folk singers from South Waziristan Agency Shaukat Aziz, Faridullah from FR Bannu and Dr Attur Rahman mesmerized the audience with their soulful voices.

DC Bannu Muhammad Ali said that participation of such a large number of people showed that people of Bannu were the most peace-loving people in the region.