LANDIKOTAL, October 29: The private clearance agencies at the Pak-Afghan border of Torkham have demanded the government to arrange for them internet facility and establish more banks in the area.

Mr Abdullah Shinwari, president of Custom Clearance Union, says about 124 clearance agencies were working in Landikotal tehsil of Khyber Agency and Torkham border.

These agencies keep the record of the transport carrying trade goods to Afghanistan and a sum of approximately 2 million rupees is collected from them and transferred to government account on a daily basis.

He said it was too hard for them to share the records of trade vehicles without internet facility and that they also faced difficulty in the transfer of money to their account as there is only one bank, which is not enough in the area.

“There is only one branch of National Bank of Pakistan in the area, which also lacks staff. Two to three employees are there, who cannot suffice our purposes. That is why we demand the government set up two or three banks in the region. We haven’t even seen the telephone for past seven or eight years. Previously, our work progress was 100%, which has reduced to merely 45% now.”

Meanwhile, Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited officials have assured to set up internet facilities in the border area after completion of construction work at the Pak-Afghan Highway.


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