PESHAWAR, 16 May: Deadline of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to get the biometric verification of cell-phone SIMs ended yesterday.

The PTA said that about 80 million SIMs have so far been verified while 22 million unregistered SIMs were blocked. Another 8 million unverified SIMs would soon be blocked, the PTA said. The SIMs of the Pakistanis who are abroad have temporarily verified however when they make a comeback to Pakistan they would have to get their SIMs verified through biometric system.

In the backdrop of tragic incident of Army Public School carnage which claimed over 150 innocent lives, the federal government had ordered biometric verification of all the SIMs. The bid was aimed at putting an end on usage of unregistered SIMs in terrorist activtiies. The PTA had, initially, set 12th of April as a deadline for SIMs verification however on 27th of the same month the deadline was extended for another 17 days. Federal Minister for Interior Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan had warned the cellular companies of strict action if any unregistered SIM was used in any terrorist activity.


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