SADDA: The clashes between two rival tribes on land dispute in Kurram tribal district continued for fourth consecutive day on Wednesday and four more deaths were reported in the clashes, taking the death toll to 14, while 40 others have been injured.

Both the rival tribes are accusing each other of ceasefire violation. The clashes between Para Chamkani and Balishkhel tribes started on June 27 in which both sides frequently and openly used heavy weapons against each other.

Local sources said a mortar shell went off in the own trench of Para Chamkani tribe due to which three of its members lost their lives and several others were injured. Similarly, a person from Balishkhel tribe also lost his life when bullets hit him during the cross fire.

The Parachinar-Peshawar main road is closed for all kinds of traffic due to ongoing clashes between the rival tribes. Power supply to the whole area is also disconnected as the main power supply lines were also hit during the firing. People of the area are facing a lot of difficulties due to complete power blackout in this hot weather. The Wapda officials said they can start work on repair of the electricity system only after complete halt to firing in the area.

People of the area fear the outbreak of sectarian clashes in the area if the situation was not brought under control immediately. Para Chamkani tribesmen are Sunnis and Balishkhels are from Shia community and the fear of sectarian clashes looms large on the entire area.

The local administration has come under sharp criticism from locals for its failure to bring the situation under control. However, the elders and leaders of Sunni and Shia sects have enhanced their efforts to bring peace to the area and they are holding Jirgas for this purpose.

MNA from Kurram Sajid Hussain Turi and MPA Syed Iqbal Mian told media persons that the rival tribes were made to agree on ceasefire after tireless efforts of parliamentarians, elders and law enforcing agencies, but the efforts were spoiled when ceasefire was violated from Para Chamkani side and clashes started again.

Meanwhile, MPA Muhammad Riaz accused Balishkhel tribe of violating the ceasefire which was arranged by the administration for three days.