Talks are underway to defuse Pak-Afghan border tenstion: Says MNA Sajid Turi

SADDA: Local officials and people said on Monday that as many as 17 people including soldiers from Pakistan and Afghanistan have been killed in border skirmishes following an attack on a check Post of Pakistan army in Kurram Agency from Afghan side on Sunday.

At least 10 soldiers of Afghan army and local militias are reportedly killed while five soldiers of Pakistan army are among the dead.

While talking to TNN Member National Assembly from Kurram Agency Sajid Turi says firing has stopped on the Pak-Afghan border in Kurram and talks are underway between the Pakistani and Afghan border officials. He said the dead bodies of five Pakistani soldiers martyred in the clash were handed over to Pakistani authorities by elders of Zazai tribe living in Khost on Monday. Turi added  Pakistani forces and tribal Lashkar comprising Turi and Bangash tribesmen effectively responded to firing from Afghan side and killed 10 attackers besides injuring many others.

The Frontier Crops (FC) personnel were on routine patrol and monitoring the fencing of the Pak-Afghan border in Laka Tiga area of Kurram Agency on Sunday when they came under attack from the Afghan side. However, Afghan media claimed that Pakistani forces came under attack from Afghan Militias after they tried to establish a check post on Afghan soil. Pakistani security officials rejected these allegations and said Pakistani soldiers were on routine paroling on the border when they were fired upon from Afghanistan side.

Sajid Turi said the tribal Lashkar members have returned from the border upon the request of the security forces. Turi said he along with  Political Agent Basir Khan, tribal elders and security officials from Pakistan participated in the talks.

Pakistan has been fencing border with Afghanistan to check militants movement across Durand line for last one year. However, Afghanistan is unhappy with the move as it has expressed reservations over  fencing of the border in past.

Officials sources in Pakistan said situation in the area is expected to remain tense till the completion of fencing at the Pak-Afghan border.

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