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PESHAWAR: Coronavirus pandemic has claimed millions of lives worldwide, while its fear has also caused mental discomfort and depression among the healthy people.

Almost every healthy person has given thought to whether he/she might confront coronavirus at some stage or whether this disease has any proper treatment. Such is the state of affairs that a large number of people are now suffering from depression and anxiety.

The third wave of coronavirus in Pakistan is proving to be more dangerous than expected. The query that whether there is any proper disease of coronavirus is the biggest cause of depression.

Depression mainly concerns to mental condition of a person. Frequent changes in the surrounding atmosphere, worries and tough circumstances bring negative changes in mood. Experts say losing some loved one also brings constant depression. Besides that, other main causes of depression are hormonal changes, climate change, use of specific drugs etc.

It is a fact that although coronavirus has affected few percent people, but it has affected everyone psychologically. In the era of pandemic, everyone is looking towards others with suspicion. People fear that the person they are meeting might have coronavirus and they might also contract the disease.

What is depression

Clinical Psychologist Arshi Arbab says depression signifies disappointment and pessimism. She says if someone continues to feel bad and sorrowful or shy for more than three weeks then he/she is suffering from depression.

Signs and symptoms

Arshi Arbab says unpleasant occurrences in life like death of loved ones, separation from friends, domestic quarrels, and joblessness, if continues for some months, causes depression. She says the person who likes to stay alone, or who remains ill for some months, faces anxiety. She says some unpleasant occurrence in childhood or drug addiction also cause mental discomfort.

Arshi Arbab says women tend to contract depression by 72 percent, while men have such tendency by 44 percent. Apart from that depression is also hereditary and it is said that if parents have depression then their children are also expected to have depression by eight times.

Depression treatment

Arshi Arbab says treatment of depression includes meeting with people, giving time to personal priorities, doing things which give happiness, book reading and reading of the Holy Quran.

She also suggests that such patients must regularly have physical exercises, healthy diet, consume a lot of water, have sound sleep and healthy routine to keep away from tension.

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