Deserted wells in Kurram Agency pose as death holes for local tribesman

SADA, 07 May: The deserted wells once dug for the Afghan refugees in Sateen area of the Lower Kurram Agency have been posing as death holes for the local tribesmen and their cattle heads.

“Since these wells are uncovered, pedestrians particularly children playing there or the animals grazing in the fields may fall in them,” a local tribesman Nasim feared.

“We demand that the political administration should cover these wells to avoid any unhappy incident,” he remarked.

According to local residents of the area there are about 70 to 80 wells which were dug about 25 years ago by different national and international organizations for the Afghan refugees who lived there for years.

“Thousands of Afghan refugee families were accommodated here in the Haji Nazir camp. In order to provide drinking water to these refugee families, these wells were dug by different national and international NGOs,” Nasim informed.

“These refugees were evicted from the camp in 2005 due to militancy and fragile law and order situation in the agency. Since then, these wells have been left unattended posing serious threats to humans and cattle heads,” Nasim added.

When contacted the assistant political agent of Lower Kurram Nasrullah Khan said all the deserted wells would be covered up soon.

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