By Gul Hamaad Farooqi

Recent flooding has badly affected road infrastructure in Chitral especially those connecting the areas inhabited by Kalash tribe to other parts of the district, creating a plethora of problems for them.

Kalash people mostly reside in three valleys: Rambor, Bamobret and Bareer. Most of the roads linking these valleys to Chitral district and down country have been washed away by floods. This has compelled the Kalash people to take the route of mountains to move in and outside these valleys. Wherever the roads are in a bit good condition, the commuters are charged two-fold by the transporters, they complain.

Talking to TNN, the locals said that they were faced with the shortage of food and daily-use items due to the destruction of road infrastructure in Chitral. Besides, financial constraints hit them badly due to absence to tourists. A Mardan-based tourist, Hashmat, who visited the Kalash valley this year said: “People of Kalash valley are deprived of basic amenities—even they lack food and medicines. They walk in the mountain tracks to reach their destinations which is extremely difficult and dangerous for elderly people who may fall from these rugged mountains.”