Cj. Zahid Dawar

PESHAWAR: Till metric, Iftikhar Hussain was able to somehow read school books, however, when he took admission in the college, he has completely lost his eyesight, however, he didn’t lose courage and continued his education despite the opposition of his family.

Today, Iftikhar is doing BSc in Political Science from the University of Peshawar. Disability is not an obstacle to success, Iftikhar has proved that. His life has a lesson for all young people not to lose courage as only continues efforts can change destiny.

Iftikhar is suffering from Retinitis Pigmentosa since his childhood. This illness makes the eyesight extremely weak and with the passage of time – when the patient reaches the age of 15 – he completely loses the power to see the world with his eyes.

Iftikhar was in a very difficult situation. On one side, there were miseries, deprivation, poverty and disappointments through which almost every tribal family was passing while on other side were his own sufferings that were enough for him to lose courage, like any other human.

He got his education till SSC from a school in his village for which he was using special glasses know as low vision-aid, however, the glasses were no more in use after SSC as he completely lost his eyesight. Due to the lack of awareness in the society and poverty of the family, Iftikhar wasted three years without studying anything.

But one day, while Iftikhar was listening to a Tv program, specially designed for blind people. In the program, sightless men and women could make a call to the host for useful advices. He has also made a call and got the advice of not to lose heart and continue the education.

Iftikhar did the same and took admission in Government high school Atarzai in Kohat. When the result was announced, out of 200 only four students were declared successful, one of them was Iftikhar Hussain.

Today, Iftikhar Hussain is studying BSc Political Science from the University of Peshawar.

In our society, persons with disabilities are usually considered a burden but in reality, they are very effective and can play an effective role for in the welfare of the society. The life of Iftikhar Hussain is not only an example for disabled persons but also for all those dejected and disappointed people who have lost courage due to the disappointing condition.


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