KHAR: President of the association for welfare of disabled people in Bajaur tribal district, Bakhtawar Jan has said the disabled persons of the region have been given special cards, but they have not been given any advantage from the special cards.

Bakhtawar Jan said while addressing a function arranged in connection with Pakistan Day celebration in Bajaur that despite having special persons cards, the disabled persons of Bajaur had to go through difficult procedures in hospitals and government offices. He said about 4,385 disabled persons are registered with him in the tribal district, while the number of unregistered special persons has crossed 6,000 and it is impossible for him to approach them individually.

Bakhtawar Jan lamented that hundreds of disabled children, women, and elderly persons are deprived of the very basic facility of wheelchair. He said the education, healthcare, jobs and other facilities for the disabled persons are also negligible. He said the disabled persons are running from pillar to post for the last few years to get government jobs, but they could not succeed in this regard. He said even the special persons of Bajaur have also been deprived of Zakat funds. He said he is unable to understand where the Zakat funds of millions of rupees for the tribal districts are going, as the disabled persons remain deprived most of the times.

The president of the special persons association said funds of Rs10 million were approved in the era of former governor Mehtab Ahmed Khan for the disabled persons, but that funds were never provided. He demanded the government to release that promised funds.

Bakhtawar Jan called upon the government to provide jobs, healthcare, education and other basic facilities to the disabled persons to that they could live a normal life like other citizens without depending on others. He said facilities should be provided to enable the disabled persons stand on their own feet rather than depending on others. In this regard, he said, the government should increase the job quota in government departments for the disabled persons. He said all the special persons should be provided wheelchairs without delay.


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