SWABI: The disabled persons in Swabi staged a protest demonstration in favour of their demands on Thursday.

The disabled persons led by Khidmat Mazooran Welfare and Development Organisation president Sher Rehman and general secretary Fazal Dad held a march from Swabi ground to Aman Chowk where their march turned into a massive gathering.

Participants of the rally demanded that the job quota in government departments for the disabled persons should be enhanced to 5 percent and the procedure for obtaining disabled certificate from Pakistan Baitul Maal should be made easier. They said the quota of disabled persons in the provincial assembly should also be increased and they should be given special preference in distribution of Zakat funds.

The protests lamented that there are a total of 10,777 disabled persons in Swabi and their number will cross 25,000 if visually impaired people are also included in their list, but they have no facilities or privileges.

They demanded establishment of a technical training centre, physiotherapy centre and a hospital for disabled persons in Swabi. They warned that they will block Motorway if they demands were not fulfilled.