LAKKI MARWAT, June 27: The families displaced as a result of military operation in North Waziristan say they have not received any kind of aid in Frontier Region Lakki Marwat so far.

The displaced people told TNN that approximately 50 families were facing a host of problems in Tajorai area as the government or non-government organisations have not provided any assistance to them till now.

One of the displaced people told TNN, “We are here in FR Lakki but we have not got any aid till now. We went to Bannu and stayed there for three nights previously but we came from there, without any compensation or relief goods from government.”

He said they were subjected to insult because the police physically tortured the displaced people and made them wait for hours in queues.

Another displaced person said, “It’s insulting. They just gave us a piece of paper in the name of registration but there is no real aid and assistance.”

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