IDPs cold weather

BANNU, October 15: The families displaced from North Waziristan tribal region have been facing problems because the weather is getting cold day by day in Bannu following rains.

The displaced people say the government and non-government organisations are not helping them in view of the cold weather. They say they need warm clothing and environment in the chilly weather.

Children and elderly people are suffering the most and the shelters the displaced families are living in are weak and not able to protect them against the weather.

“We don’t have proper best sheets and blankets and it is very difficult to live in the cold environment,” said a resident of a relief camp in Bannu.

Thousands of families have been displaced from North Waziristan since the Pakistan Army launched Operation Zarb-e-Azb against militants in the tribal region. In addition to demands of tribesmen, several organisations have also called for repatriation of the displaced people to the area cleared of militants during the military operation.


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