BARA, December 27: Owing to ongoing military operation in Khyber Agency, wild monkeys have also been displaced from the forests of Tirah valley alongside the local population.

A large number of monkeys have been displaced from Tirah valley due to airstrikes conducted by the jetfighters as part of Operation Khyber-1. These monkeys have taken refuge in Kata Kushti area of tehsil Jamrud nowadays. Due to acute cold weather and unavailability of food at Kata Kushti caves, these monkeys enter the houses of the local people in search of food. The local people and Afghan refugees watch these monkeys and often play with them and also give them food.

Hazrat Wali, a local elder of Kata Kushti area, told TNN that these monkeys come to their area almost every day and people give them food.

“These monkeys come to our village almost every day or after a gap of two days. They are 50-60 in number and include monkeys of every size,” he said.

Wild monkeys have appeared in Kata Kushti area for the first time. These monkeys live at their natural habitat in the forests of Tirah valley. Airstrikes and firing in Tirah valley have also compelled these monkeys to migrate from the area.


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