WANA: Dispute between the sub-tribes of Ahmadzai Wazir tribe in South Waziristan tribal district over the incentives from Angoor Adda border gate has intensified and local people fear the possibility of clash in the area over the issue.

Local sources said that after failure of talks with the district administration to resolve the dispute, Zalikhel, Tojaykhel, Khojalkhel, and Gangikhel sub-tribes have started taking positions for a possible armed clash, while other parties to dispute including Zalolkhel and Adha Shamsikhel tribes have also taken positions for retaliation in case of any aggression.

The people living near Angoor Adda have started leaving their houses over the fears of collateral damage in case of any clash. The local people have expressed grave concern over the increasing tension in the area and called upon the local administration to intervene to defuse tension.

Tribal elders Malik Saeedullah, Malik Sher Yar, Malik Boz Gul, Malik Rehmatullah Wazir and others have appealed to the district administration and also conveyed to rival group to divide the incentives from Angoor Adda border gate in four parts so that every tribe could get its rightful share. They said the rightful distribution should be made before a Jirga of tribal elders, and if it was not done, then they cannot guarantee a calm atmosphere and the entire responsibility of any untoward consequence would rest with the district administration.

The main demands of the aggrieved parties include payment of rightful share from the incentives of Angoor Adda border gate, allowing trucks of the four sub-tribes to pass Angoor Adda gate without Customs duty, and action against elements creating law and order issues in Birmal area.

The sources said Deputy Commissioner South Waziristan Khalid Iqbal and assistant commissioner had sought some time from the aggrieved tribes for resolution of the dispute. The district administration says it is making efforts for peaceful resolution of the issue.

In December, Gangikhel tribesmen staged a protest demonstration outside the Customs office at the Pak-Afghan border in Angoor Adda over parking tax.

The protesters said an agreement about the land has been signed with Scouts Force and district administration, but still the government was not allowing Gangikhel tribe to collect parking fee.



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