Usman Khan

PESHAWAR: Coronavirus emergency in Pakistan has created several problems for patients suffering from other common diseases like fever, flue etc as they cannot go to government hospitals due to closure of out-patient departments (OPDs) as part of social distancing measure.

Most of private clinics are also closed and patients had to do self-medication or to risk exposure to other people in case of going to private clinics or hospitals for treatment. In such a situation, some young doctors of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have started treatment of patients with the help of text messages and WhatsApp, by suggesting medicines to patients suffering from common diseases.

One among these young doctors is Dr Hamdard Yousafzai, who is currently serving in Nawaz Sharif Kidney Hospital Swat. Dr Hamdard said while talking to TNN that the practice of online treatment is not widely practiced in Pakistan as patients prefer to go directly to doctors for check up. However, he advised that patients must prefer online prescription of medication as going to hospitals in the prevailing threat of coronavirus may be dangerous.

Dr Hamdard has given his numbers online and said that people having common diseases may seek his free of cost advice for medication. He said many people have called him since he has given his numbers on the social media and he has recommended medication to patient with which they are recovering. His mobile numbers are: 03005351949 and 03489306933.

Dr Shakeel from Buner, who is also part of the group, said he has offered to treat common diseases on WhatsApp free of cost.

Dr Shakeel told TNN that people must take advantage of the modern technological era and under the prevailing coronavirus emergency, it is better to seek medical advice online. He said online advice is better to avoid exposure to other people.

Dr Shakeel said he also suggests tests to patients from nearby laboratories if these are required. He said the patients then send the results of these tests to him through WhatsApp and then he suggests medication. His mobile number is: 03459181847.

Meanwhile, Sehat Kahani, a platform of women doctors, has also presented its services online for women patients seeking gynaecological treatment. About 1,500 women doctors are working on this platform and it will provide free of cost medical advice for next three months. Women patients can download Sehat Kahani app from the android app store or get information from for treatment.