Aneela Nayab

PESHAWAR: Things were normal for Shazia after marriage when she gave birth to her first child which was a normal delivery, but problems started after her second delivery, which was also normal, but gap was short.

Shazia from Peshawar says she gave birth to her second child just over a year after her first delivery after which she started experiencing low RBC count, low blood pressure and related problems. It was a wake-up call for Shazia and her family, but they did not learn and she became pregnant third time with the gap of just few months. This time, the trouble increased further as along with low blood pressure, she also started experiencing backache, pain in feet, swelling and infections to an extent that she could not sleep at night. She had to undergo C-Section delivery this time due to a variety of complications.

The fourth delivery happened with a gap of two years, again through C-Section, and such was critical situation that the lives of mother and child were saved hardly. The problem of weakness and backache is permanent now after Shazia gave birth to four children without any considerable gap. She says she was too young at the time of marriage to understand the importance of birth spacing.

Robina, another citizen, says second and third pregnancies are different from first pregnancy. She says initially the woman’s body is strong and children are small and with passage of time as they grow up and woman gives birth to more children, and that too without proper gap, her body becomes weaker, and problems like low or high blood pressure, low RBC count, weakness etc. start appearing.

Dr Sohaila, Medical Officer at the Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar, says at least two to three years gap should be kept in giving birth to next child after pregnancy. She says a woman gets weaker by breastfeeding her child, and short gap in next pregnancy brings further weakness for mother and child as well.

Mufti Ziaullah says Islam permits gap in births, but sterilisation is not permissible except in condition where doctor suggests it for saving someone’s life. He says abortion is strictly forbidden in Islam. He says abortion after four months of pregnancy is equivalent to murder which is Gunah-e-Kabira.


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