PESHAWAR, 2 March: A large number of women victims of domestic violence are running from pillar to post for justice due to lack of any law in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to protect women from domestic violence.

Haleema Bibi is one such woman who is still facing death threats even after being divorced by her husband. Haleema Bibi, a victim of domestic violence, lives in her mother’s house along with her two children. While talking to TNN, she demanded the government to take action against her ex-husband and provide security to her.

Haleema said her ex-husband divorced her two years ago. She said difference with ex-husband started when he wished to sell the house which was given to her in Haq Mehr in the wedding. She said her ex-husband subjected her to severe violence after she refused to sell the house.

“He tried to kill me four times and also broke my fingers and injured my head. He took out a pistol and fired six bullets on me, but I survived. He is still hurling death threats to me and my family. The government should help us and arrest my ex-husband who is threatening to kill us in our home,” she said.